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Playtime Timer
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Set a usage timer for one or multiple children.

Create multiple profiles for each child. Customize alarm sounds, alert messages, and view daily time usage. No more fighting over "Its my turn!" 

 You are in control.                

 Alerts will only stop when you enter a secret passcode.      When the timer you set is over, your child will see it. Time  is up when you say so.                                                                              . 

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Some features...

Set a profile for multiple children.
Set a daily time limit to see how much time the device was used each day.
Alert turns off only when passcode is input by parent.
Create custom sounds and alert messages.

Hear what real parents have to say...


It's great to see a timer my kids can't turn off. When time is up, only I can let them keep using it longer.

— Lauri, Nevada      


I don't have to monitor how much time my children play on the iPad, the app does it for me!

— Luke, California      


 A timer specifically made for children, finally! No more fighting over turns!

— Noreen, Canada

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